Choose CurbCrete USA LLC for Your Concrete Repair

Providing concrete repair services in Phoenix, AZ

Damaged concrete makes your property look deteriorated. Address your cracked concrete issues by getting concrete repair services from CurbCrete USA LLC. We'll mend the broken concrete on your slabs, curbs, loading docks and ramps. Call today for a free estimate.

Slab Repair

Don't wait to schedule concrete control-joint spalling.

Slab Repair

Curb Repair

Avoid liability issues by getting curb repair service lined up.

Curb Repair

Loading Dock Ramps

Schedule your loading dock repair at the first sign of damage.

Loading Dock Ramps

ADA Ramps

Get your ramp fixed with our ADA ramp repair services.

ADA Ramps

What makes our process unique?

We use a patented product called CurbCrete CC1 to complete your concrete repair efficiently. We offer a unique patented product that allows us to complete repairs on your damaged curb or concrete slab.

CurbCrete USA offers numerous patented products to repair concrete spalls, breaks and cracks. We offer superior bonding and compression strength compared to conventional materials, allowing for foot traffic within 20 minutes and tire traffic in 1 hour! Regular traffic can resume two hours after completion and results are fully guaranteed.

This process is great for government contracts, warehouses, gas stations, shopping malls, homes, etc. If you're in Phoenix, AZ and need concrete repair services, call now to schedule an appointment. We offer free estimates!

Why choose us for your concrete repair?

When you hire us to handle your concrete repair services, your property will be in good hands because:

We use our own patented product called CurbCrete CC1

We're thorough and passionate about concrete repair

We listen intently to each client's individual needs

We have 36 years of industry experience

We do it right the first time

You'll get a five-year warranty on all our concrete repair services in Phoenix, AZ. Call now to speak with a member of our team.

Other Concrete Repairs

Our unique concrete repair process gives us the advantage to repair almost anything made of concrete. The superior set time and strength are great for hand railing post bottoms and most other concrete supported items. Our repairs can be made down to 20 degrees fahrenheit, great for under ground slab refrigerations repairs. Ramps and loading docks are constantly being beat up by heavy machinery. We can restore damaged concrete to a like new finish under almost any circumstance.